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AM20101 Medical catheter tube hole punching machine

Model: AM11004

Brand: Aituo

Warranty: 1 year

Delivery time: 7-10 days


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    Product Description

    Medical catheter tube hole punching machine

    This equipment is mainly used for drilling medical plastic catheters. It adopts manual feeding and consists of two stations, such as a fine-tuning platform and a Z-axis assembly. The equipment has a compact structure. The tool holder adopts a three-way movable drill chuck, which can adapt to a hollow knife of 0.3-4mm. Equipped with reset ejection structure, the waste is ejected from the knife when resetting. The drilling direction and position can be adjusted freely.

    Machine Description

    The structure mainly includes: the mechanical part is composed of a frame, a fine-tuning platform, a module, a motorized spindle, an air source, and ejector components. The electrical part is composed of PLC integrated machine, stepping motor, switching power supply and so on.



    Main Application:
    This Medical soft catheter tube hole punching drilling machine is mainly used for semi automatic side hole punching or drilling for different kinds of soft PVC, PE, PP, EVA tube, etc, such as CVC catheter, urethral catheter, stomach tube, feeding tube, etc.

    This product is a medical intravenous tube.
    Our current punching machine punches holes in this tube to inject different drugs as required.


    Work on the product:
    1 Drill holes on this side of the moon bend,
    2 Don’t drill the middle compartment
    3 There should be no burrs around the hole after drilling
    4 The drilled debris must not fall into the pipe