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1900MM TPU elastic film production line

Brand: Aituo

Warranty: 1 year

Delivery time: 20-30 days

Processing type: TPU + substrate

Processing material: TPU

Production capacity: (depending on the customer's formula, process, and production conditions)


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    Product Description

    1900MM TPU elastic film production line

    The extruder adopts the special screw design of our company’s laminating machine, aim for TPU, it has the characteristics of low heat generation, good plasticization, less fisheye, and excellent products.

    Parameter requirements:

    Maximum unwinding diameter of TPU release film 600mm
    Original film weight 40-600g
    Casting thickness 0.02-0.05
     Material surface number Single side
     Material width 1560mm
    Casting width 1600mm
     Working speed 50m/min
     Mould width 1900MM


    The following are the components and descriptions:

    1.0 Extrusion host  SJφ110*32 1 SET
    2.0 Plate double hole filter 1 SET
    3.0 Melt static mixer 1 SET
    4.0 1900mm special mould for coating(Jin Yue) 1 SET
    5.0 300 direct-coupled vacuum suction machine 1 SET
    6.0 Hopper type dryer 200KG 1 SET
    7.0 Extrusion Casting Compound Molding Machine 1 SET
    8.0 Shearing pneumatic slitting knife set 1 SET
    9.0 Oil fume extraction device above extrusion die 1 SET
    10.0 Single-sided corona treatment machine 1 SET
    11.0 Cooling form device 1 SET
    12.0 Edge material air conveying device 1 SET
    13.0 Double station automatic winding machine 1 SET
    14.0 Magnetic powder tension double station unwinding machine 1 SET
    15.0 Oven device 1 SET
    16.0 SIEMENS human-machine interface control system 1 SET