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AM20701 Respiratory Department Catheter Flaring Machine


Power supply: AC 220V,10A,50HZ
Ambient temperature: -20℃ +50℃
Heating power: ≤400 w
Mold temperature range: 50-300 degrees
Flaring angle: ≤160 degrees
Catheter inner diameter processing range: inner diameter φ1.5mm-φ15mm
Applicable materials: PVC, PU, TPU, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PEBAX, etc
Weight: 9.5 KG
Machine size: 280mm*250mm*216mm (length * width * height)


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    Product Description

    Equipment introduction

    Catheter flaring machine which is also called tube flaring machine produced  specially used for flaring of medical plastic catheters. The principle of the machine is that the heating cylinder transmits heat to the stainless steel mold, which flares the end of the medical plastic catheter.

    Catheter flaring machine  characteristics

    The first feature is that stainless steel mold is easy to replace, safe and durable.

    The second feature is that heating of the tube flaring machine is Ceramic electric heating and coil heating,which is fast speed.
    While heating temperature is controllable, and a variety of temperatures are available.

    The thermostat controls the temperature, and the constant temperature is accurate.
    The machine is simple operation, one-key start.
    It has the fan heat dissipation ,ensure that the temperature of the enclosure is less than 42 degrees.

    Only through advanced technology and perfect engineering principle . Our catheter flaring machine can continuously realize the development of pipe flaring, flanging, upsetting tube forming, mushroom head, nail head complex shapes.

    Aituo Automation  equipment is the world standard for flaring and flanging equipment. Superior heating technology.With proprietary thermal profiling and a clear customer engagement process led by our experienced engineers .It will ensure you get the best possible results in complex shapes where accuracy is of the utmost importance.

    The advantages of working principle of Aituo for pipe flaring and flanging include:

    Extensive technical options and experience to match customer requirements for optimal solutions and price points which enable you to quickly manufacture parts and validate your process.

    Our catheter flaring machine will  reduce cutting flashin ,which it is  reliable as well as reduce the cycle time and eliminated secondary operations.

    Professional application engineering and process development teams advise on product design and provide turnkey process solutions.

    A global service team that can respond quickly when you need it.


    What’s catheter flaring equipment or catheter flaring machine?

    You can rely on the automation instead of the labor work,which will reduce the fault made by worker.

    Why you can trust Aituo automation?

    Aituo automation have 13 years experience in the field of medical catheter flaring machine.

    Do you accept OEM or ODM?yes, we can OEM and ODM .

    You only provide us your requirements ,then we can customized it from idea to the finished product.