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AM20104 Four-axis CNC punching machine for plastic catheters


Model: AM20104
Working voltage: AC 220V/10A/50HZ
Power: 0.4 KW
Air pressure: 0.5-0.8 Mpa
Ambient temperature: -20℃+50℃
Punching speed: 2S/hole Four-axis:2S for 4holes(depend on different material)
Weight: 35KG
Size: 740×420×400 mm


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    Product Description

    AM20104 Four-axis CNC punching machine for plastic catheters

    Main features

    This equipment is mainly used for drilling medical plastic catheters. It adopts manual feeding and consists of clamping,handling and a four-way punching component. The equipment has a compact structure. The tool holder adopts a 4-way spindle drilling, which can adapt to processing tools of 0.3-4.5mm. Equipped with reset ejection structure, the waste is ejected from the knife when resetting. The punching stroke, punching quantity, punching angle and spacing can be adjusted freely.


    Technical parameters

    Clamping stroke: 400mm
    Feed speed: CNC adjustment, up to 100mm/s
    Hole spacing: CNC adjustment
    Adjustment accuracy: ±0.02mm
    Motorized spindle speed: 0~6000RPM stepless speed regulation
    Motorized spindle runout: ≤±0.03mm
    Single spindle adjustment angle: 30 degrees (with scale)
    Z-axis module accuracy: ±0.02mm
    Hole size range: 0.3-8mm
    catheter diameter range: 1.5-6.0mm
    Applicable materials: PVC, PU, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PA, PEBAX, FEP, etc
    Application products: Medical catheter and other plastic catheters