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AM-DH3511 Automatic ultrasonic non-woven strip caps/ medical cap machine

  • Model: AM-DH3511
  • Brand: Aituo
  • Delivery:3-7DAYS
  • Warranty:1 YEAR


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    Product Description


    1. This machine can produce disposable dust-proof non-woven strip caps of non-woven materials and plastic film materials. This machine has the advantages of good quality, low price and high output, saving labor and reducing costs, which can be based on customer requirements. Custom made.

    2.The machine is automated. Automated operations from raw material feed to laminate to product count. Ultra-high power ultrasonic welding is used to effectively fix both ends of the non-woven fabric and the elastic band. From the raw material feeding to the finished product, the whole process is automated, and the computer stepless speed regulation operation is more flexible, and only one staff member is needed for the whole process.

    3.Variable frequency control speed regulation.

    4.Directly out of the finished product at one time.

    5.Automatic constant temperature control.

    6.Ultrasonic welding combined with electric heating to make the product more comfortable and firm.

    7.The main components are made of aluminum to make the machine lighter and smoother.



    Raw material width:  480mm

    Width of finished product: 2cm

    Non woven fabric thickness: 10-18g

    Unwinding diameter: 600mm

    Size of finished product  flat: 25cm, stretching: 44/48/52cm

    Production speed: 120–180pcs/min

    Host: 1.5kw

    Frequency converter: 1.5kw

    Total power: 6kw

    Dimensions: 3500*1200*1800mm

    Weight: 750kg



    The equipment adopts ultrasonic heat sealing method, frequency conversion speed regulation, and produces non-woven materials and plastic film materials. The disposable dust-proof non-woven strip caps are integrated into the finished product from feeding to finished products.

    Production Process:  Automated feeding – introduction – folding – welding – forming cut

    Two options:Our machine can produce two styles, one is iron frame and the other is aluminum frame. (Optional with PLC touch screen)