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What medical catheter devices are commonly used in veterinary medicine?

There are several types of catheters that are commonly used in veterinary medicine to help animals recover from injuries, illnesses, and surgeries :

Esophageal Stethoscope: This long flexible tube has a rounded end that is inserted into the esophagus until it rests beneath the heart. It is useful during procedures that require anesthesia.

Endotracheal Tube: This flexible tube is used to establish an open airway to deliver gas anesthesia or oxygen .

Tracheostomy Tube: This short tube is used to establish an airway through the tracheal wall in a patient that has an upper airway obstruction or is critically ill .

Indwelling Intravenous Catheter: This flexible catheter is placed over a needle or through a needle. The needle is used to puncture the skin and vessel; the catheter is then threaded into the vein. The catheter has a standard hub that receives the IV drip set or syringe tip. Sizes range from 24-gauge × ¾ inch to 10-gauge × 5¼ inches .

Intravenous Butterfly or Winged Infusion Sets:  This catheter has a standard 1-inch needle that is inserted into a vein. The wings are used to secure the catheter in place.