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What is a catheter tip syringe?

A catheter tip syringe is a specialized syringe designed for specific medical procedures involving catheters. It features a unique tip that allows it to connect seamlessly with catheters for various applications. These syringes are commonly used in medical settings for tasks such as:

  1. Gastroenteral Feeding: Catheter tip syringes, like the 50/60ml variant, are employed for delivering nutrition through a feeding tube, ensuring precise and controlled administration of liquid nutrients.
  2. Aspiration: They are utilized for manual aspiration of liquids or gas from the stomach, pharynx, or trachea, providing healthcare professionals with a tool for specific medical procedures.
  3. Catheter Flushing: The syringe’s design accommodates catheters, making it suitable for flushing out cannulas, maintaining cleanliness and functionality.

These syringes typically have clear barrels with markings for accurate measurement, ensuring precise delivery and reducing the risk of errors during medical procedures. They come in various sizes, such as 50ml and 60ml, with catheter-compatible tips, catering to different medical needs.