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Precision Medical Catheter Extrusion Machine

Precision Medical Catheter Extrusion Machine

Precision Catheters extrusion molding machine: how to choose the appropriate screw and barrel for the pipe extruder (extruder)?

For pipe extrusion, the extruder specification should be selected according to the pipe production specification, which can not only ensure product quality but also use the extruder reasonably. Large-scale extruders produce smaller diameter plastic pipes, which not only increases pipe manufacturing costs, but also wastes energy. Small-sized extruders produce larger-diameter pipes, which increases the difficulty, the material is not compact, the quality is not guaranteed, and the equipment wears faster. It should be extruders of different specifications used to produce pipes of different diameters. Generally, for single-screw extruders, the extrusion pipe diameter is slightly smaller than the screw diameter, and the effect is the best.

Aituo Automation is a professional manufacturer of pipe extrusion molding and processing equipment. It can customize the program according to the needs of customers, or customize according to the drawings and samples.

Their precision medical catheter extrusion molding machine can achieve a tolerance of +/- 0.03mm, and provide product samples and budgets according to customers’ products to match the configuration and size of related accessories

What are the components of a precision atheters extrusion machine?

The structure is similar to that of a plastic extruder, generally composed of a feed port, a barrel, a screw, a die, etc.

Precision catheter extrusion molding machine: What is the extrusion molding process of the pipe?

The extrusion molding process of thermoplastics can be divided into three stages

The first stage is the plasticization of plastic raw materials

Under the action of the barrel temperature of the re-extruder and the rotary compaction and mixing of the screw, the plastic raw material changes from powder or granular to viscous fluid.

The second stage is forming

The viscous fluid plastic melt is driven by the rotating force of the extruder screw and passes through the die with a certain shape to obtain a continuous profile with the same interface and the shape of the die.

The third stage is shaping

Through appropriate processing methods, such as sizing treatment, cooling treatment, etc., the extruded plastic continuous profiles are solidified into plastic parts

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