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Medical catheter tip forming machine

Tip forming machine is used the most advanced high frequency heating induction forming technology from USA

The key to penetrating the body smoothly. In addition, such as pipe tensile test, air tightness test, syringes and needles are belong to this category of testing a whole length, reverse, even if the manufacturer can be smoothly carry on the work, but still unable to mass production, because these are based on have many human resources on the basis of, and there is another important problem cannot be avoided, That is, stable product quality cannot be guaranteed, mainly because of the particularity of quality testing. First of all, there is no effective detection in the manual state, such as:
1. All kinds of length detection, basically rely on the ruler, accuracy and efficiency are very low and will bring a
The probability of misreading.
2. Catheter tip detection relies entirely on naked eyes and magnifying glass. There is no quantitative data to refer to, only
It detects major deformations like flapping
3. The detection of the fitting tip of the needle tube and catheter depends entirely on the naked eye and magnifying glass, and no quantitative data can be obtained
Reference, can only detect similar flanges, major deformation, secondly some tests with certain destructive, can not be completed under artificial conditions, such as needle tension test, catheter tension test, are generally done sampling detection, unable to monitor the quality of all finished products. There are also tests that are difficult to perform manually, such as air tightness tests.
Let’s take a look at how AITUO’s fully automated assembly line solves these problems.
Let’s start by looking at the process flow. Some of the important station units will be enumerated below.
1. On the machine of Aituo Automation www.buyautomachine.com, the catheter is heated straightening sheet before fixed-length slitting
Yuan, this unit can make catheter quickly soften, then in the tensioning mechanism, cooling unit and to electrostatic unit, auxiliary by catheter in an optimal state into the cutting unit, after the precision control the length of the cutting sections show the best of the catheter into the machine process, which is embodied in the machine, the catheter feed unit had finished all this action.
2. Reaming is realized in the assembly line by means of high frequency heating head and mold, and transmission
Manual reaming than, more efficient, more accurate.
3. The manipulator can insert the rivets quickly and efficiently
4. The fastening of the catheter and the needle holder is achieved by a push-in tool combined with a thrust meter.
This tedious work in the manual link is only solved in one station, and has the advantages of manual operation, strength and depth can be adjusted according to different products, and the thrust meter data is fed back in real time.
5. Almost the most important step in manual production is AITUO’s automatic assembly line
Be simplified to a few location, use can be arbitrarily set temperature according to different products of high frequency heating unit and the matching between the mold and assembly line can be easily processed products need catheter tip shape, in order to ensure the quality of molding, high frequency machine is equipped with water cooling unit to effectively prevent the adhesion quality problem caused by all kinds of catheter, because of the heat and can be done on the assembly line tip shape detection.
6. Silicone oil is an indispensable lubricating material in the production of indent needles. In manual production,
Coating silicone oil is tedious work, but in the assembly line, specially designed silicone oil steel and silicone oil coating unit can infiltrate silicone oil at a high speed and effectively, and there are corresponding excess silicone oil removal devices in all links that may lead to pollution.
7. Shape detection all uses video detection and is included in the workflow, the next chapter
Section will cover this in detail.
8. Compared with the manual method, the needle is inserted into the needle more accurately, and the joint between the needle and the needle
This step can be regarded as an unnecessary step in the automatic assembly line, and the reasons will be explained in detail below
9. Dispensing, which is a very tedious problem in the manual way, is simplified on the automatic assembly line
It is a spraying work station, the glue can be sprayed quantitatively and the amount of glue can be adjusted at any time.
10. In the operation process of the assembly line, all waste products or unqualified products generated from processing are
There is a device or station automatic elimination and a corresponding recovery device.
Then take a look at the work of the detection unit of the automatic assembly line compared with the manual way
1. All length tests should be done on the assembly line with limited work stations or by means of testing. Both the detection of catheter tip and the detection of the compatibility between needle and catheter tip depend on high-precision imaging
Inspect system, camera system automatic positioning and scanning of the tip of the catheter, detecting system automatically scan results and according to the prior input product data to determine whether the good parts, then, the system will scan results showed in the form of images and data to the display, convenient operation personnel monitoring, and will test results feedback to line processor at the same time, to complete the drawing process, waste The system is an independent subsystem, equipped with specialized processors and integrated into the entire pipeline work program.
3. Thrust detection is adopted when the needle is inserted into the needle holder to determine the thrust of the needle holder
Whether the needle is firmly combined, so there is no need for manual dispensing. The premise is that the quality of indwelling needle parts is good. In practical application, the rate of good quality of this station is almost %.
4. The catheter tension test is performed using a counterweight method at a station where the test criteria can be changed
To test the binding force between the catheter and the Y seat. After the test, the clamping part of the catheter will be automatically removed by PPT
5. At the air tightness detection station, the catheter and infusion tube will be sealed by the manipulator and used after stamping
Data detection is used to determine whether airtight or not. The test that is difficult to be completed manually can be monitored at only one station on the assembly line.
6. G Quality testing is all included in the operation process of the assembly line, and all testing stations are
It can feed back the test results to the assembly line and remove the waste products at the waste removal station. The products are all qualified finished products when they come out of the discharge port.
In addition to the above content, the automatic assembly line of Aituo Automation www.buyautomachine.com is also quite advanced in the following aspects.
Control panel (HMI) with simple and efficient menu, can be set up according to customer requirements
Languages, and can according to customer requirements in the production of machine built into all kinds of needle data, very simple choice product specifications or the whole machine production parameters can be adjusted to change specification data needed, may at any time the query machine production rate, and can press tooling, location query, respectively, fine products, all kinds of components can work in manual and automatic two kinds of work way, Easy to maintain and maintain, switching them is just a touch of the LCD panel.
Has perfect alarm and safety systems, such as door alarm, in open state, the machine will not be able to enter the work state, all kinds of components if not placed in the right position, the machine will alarm and putting the machine into protection state, in addition, the location and the production process is under a system of monitoring, the system will adopt a variety of different depending on the alarm warning way, Including audible and visual warnings, the machine is equipped with emergency stop buttons at different working surfaces to ensure that the operator can stop the machine at the first time if something unusual happens. And the system can detect all the sensors in the system to ensure that they are working under normal conditions.
AITUO lines on the electrical system, for each separate subsystems have special insurance and security of electrical components, each cable has its own thread slot, and USES the hidden line, great simplicity of the machine, all electrical connectors used in line with the industry standard connectors, ensure the compatibility of the machine, All cable connectors are marked for easy detection and maintenance.
PLC and HMI units in AITUO assembly line can be connected by ordinary PC in various connection ways and adjust software parameters, even manually adjust the operation of motion components, and adjust various software parameters in the machine through PCl to adapt to new product production or specification changes. AITUO engineers can even remotely inspect, maintain and upgrade customers’ assembly lines through the INTERNET. Customers only need a computer with INTERNET access and corresponding software (AITUO provides), which ensures the timeliness of work to the greatest extent.
In addition to the automatic assembly line for indwelling needles, AITUO is at the forefront of disposable medical assembly equipment suppliers in more ways than one. In some cutting-edge technologies, it has even become the industry standard. — This article is from the Medical Community

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