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AM20402 High frequency Hot-melting tip forming machine (temperature closed loop control)

Model: AM11002-A

Brand: Aituo

Warranty: 2 year

Delivery time: 7-10 days


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    Product Description

    AM20402 High frequency Hot-melting tip forming machine (temperature closed loop control)


    This equipment is mainly used for post-processing of medical plastic catheter ends. It adopts manual feeding and consists of three stations: clamping components, mold clamp fixing components, coil heating components , etc.

    The equipment has a compact structure, composite material welding, butt joint, pipe end rounding, sealing and tip forming. The mold is heated by electromagnetic induction, and the pipe is clamped and pushed into the mold with an air cylinder to form the end of the pipe. The user can input parameters through the touch screen to adjust the process.

    Temperature closed-loop control adopts Japanese RKC thermostat with temperature fluctuation range of ±1℃. The real-time heating temperature and curve can be monitored on the touch screen. Temperature setting and adjustment settings are easy.

    Equipment used: Catheter tip shaping, Catheter sealing head, Catheter radius, Tip dilator, Catheter soft tip, Sheath, Butt weld, Overlap weld, Overlap weld, Balloon weld, Neck down, Marker band embedding, Hub weld, etc

    Common application products: Central Venous Catheter, Dialysis catheter, Catheter sheath, Dilator catheter, PICC catheter, Drainage catheter, etc

    Common application materials: PP, PE, PA, PEBAX, TPU, PVC, PC, etc

    Mold specifications: FR6-36, metal mold
    Station: 2 stations, blow cooling
    Operating environment: clean workshop

    Equipment size: 500mm (length) × 520mm (width) × 370mm (height) Weight: 20KG
    Working voltage: single-phase AC 220V, 10A, 50HZ
    Air pressure: 0.5~0.8Mpa
    Power: 0.3KW
    Ambient temperature: -20℃+50 ℃
    Operator: 1 person
    Welding speed: 300-600PCS/hour