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AM-35 precise central venous catheter extrusion production line

1) Screw Screw diameter: 35MM L/D ratio: 28:1
Screw material: 38CrMoALA high-quality nitrided steel
Nitriding depth: 0.55MM , Hardness: HV880-950, Brittleness: Class I.
Screw speed :40 rpm
Number of screws:1pc

2) Machine barrel
Barrel material: 38CrMoALA high quality nitrided steel.
Nitriding depth: 0.55MM , Hardness: HV960-1020, Brittleness: Class I.
Total barrel heating control zone: 6 zones Total heating power: 7KW
Cylinder heat dissipation zone: 3 zones; mold, connecting body: 3 zones
Heater type: all stainless steel high-efficiency heaters
Constant temperature auxiliary fan: silent cooling fan 65W * 3 sets

(3) Extruder special hardened gearbox (Brand: Heavy Branch)
Reduction gearbox case material: one-piece molded cast steel (HT200)
Housing type: Horizontal mounting
Reduction gear: helical gear;
Gear material: 20CrMnTi (hardened and ground)
Lubrication system: internal immersion lubrication
Transmission mode: direct coupled transmission
Servo drive Motor power: 3.5KW (brand: Germany Siemens)
Driving method: servo motor drive (brand: Germany Siemens brand)

(4) Full computer integrated control drive system: (Brand: Germany Siemens)
10.2-inch TFT color touch human-machine interface (Brand: Germany Siemens)
High-speed PLC programming controller (Brand: Germany Siemens)
Precision PID temperature module
K-type thermocouple temperature sensor, high temperature anti-interference wire
Analog module, communication module


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    Product Description

    Equipment Introduction:

    1. the purpose of the equipment: extrusion production TPU central venous catheter, etc.

    2. Equipment occupies the ground: length 10 meters width 2 meters

    3. the total installed power of the equipment: 18KW, the actual power consumption of about: 12 degrees (reference value)

    4. equipment capacity: maximum extrusion volume: 15KG / H line speed: 10 meters / minute

    5. production line water temperature control: 8-12 degrees chiller refrigeration.

    6. production line water consumption / water storage: 0.8 cubic meters (chiller refrigeration, equipment for internal circulation)

    7. Equipment capacity: free technical support and operation process training