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How to setup high flow nasal cannula?

To set up a high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) for oxygen therapy, follow these steps:


**Note: This process should be performed by trained healthcare professionals. If you are not a healthcare professional, seek assistance from qualified medical personnel.**


**1. Gather the Equipment:**

Ensure you have all the necessary equipment, including the HFNC machine, appropriate nasal cannula size, oxygen tubing, and oxygen source (oxygen tank or wall outlet).


**2. Check the Prescription:**

Confirm the prescribed oxygen flow rate and fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) for the patient. This information should be provided by a healthcare professional.


**3. Wash Hands and Prepare the Patient:**

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use hand sanitizer. Prepare the patient for the procedure, explaining what you’ll be doing and why.


**4. Assemble the HFNC Machine:**

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the HFNC machine. Typically, it involves connecting the oxygen tubing to the flow meter and the humidifier chamber.


**5. Prepare the Humidifier:**

Fill the humidifier chamber with sterile water or prescribed saline solution to provide humidification to the delivered oxygen. Ensure that the water level is appropriate as per the device’s guidelines.


**6. Connect the Oxygen Tubing:**

Attach the oxygen tubing from the flow meter to the outlet on the humidifier chamber.


**7. Select the Appropriate Nasal Cannula:**

Choose the correct nasal cannula size for the patient. The prongs of the nasal cannula should fit comfortably in the patient’s nostrils without causing discomfort or air leakage.


**8. Connect the Nasal Cannula:**

Attach the nasal cannula to the outlet on the top of the humidifier chamber.


**9. Place the Nasal Cannula on the Patient:**

Gently insert the nasal cannula prongs into the patient’s nostrils. Ensure a proper fit to minimize air leaks and discomfort.


**10. Turn On the HFNC Machine:**

Switch on the HFNC machine and adjust the oxygen flow rate and FiO2 settings as prescribed by the healthcare professional.


**11. Monitor the Patient:**

Regularly monitor the patient’s response to the HFNC therapy, including vital signs, comfort level, and oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels. Adjust the settings as necessary based on the patient’s condition.


**12. Provide Education:**

If the patient is conscious and able to understand, explain the proper usage of the HFNC system and how to seek assistance if they experience any issues.


**13. Documentation:**

Thoroughly document the setup, prescribed settings, patient response, and any adjustments made during the HFNC therapy.


Remember, HFNC therapy should be closely supervised by healthcare professionals, and any changes in the patient’s condition should be promptly reported to the appropriate medical team.