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How to connect hose to CPAP machine?

Connecting a hose to a CPAP machine is a straightforward process, designed to ensure a secure and leak-free connection to deliver continuous positive airway pressure therapy effectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you connect the hose to your CPAP machine:


  1. Identify the Hose End with the Elbow:

Look for the end of the hose that has an elbow. This elbow is designed to connect to the back of the CPAP machine.


  1. Remove Plastic Connector (If Needed):

If you’re using a standard hose and plan to switch to a heated tube, you might need to remove a plastic connector at the end of your standard hose. This connector needs to be transferred to the heated hose for proper connection.


  1. Attach Hose to CPAP Machine:

Align the elbow end of the hose with the connection port at the back of your CPAP machine. Push it gently but firmly into place until you hear or feel a click, indicating that it’s securely attached.


  1. Connect Hose to Mask:

The other end of the hose should be connected to your CPAP mask. Most hoses have a 22mm connection cuff that fits onto all CPAP masks, making this step easier.


  1. Check for Secure Connections:

After connecting both ends, give the hose a gentle tug to ensure it’s securely attached to both the CPAP machine and the mask. This step is crucial to prevent air leaks during therapy.


  1. Power Up the CPAP Machine:

Once you’ve made sure everything is connected correctly, plug in and power up your CPAP machine. Allow the machine to run for a few minutes to ensure there are no leaks and that the pressure is set correctly.


  1. Adjust Settings if Necessary:

If your CPAP machine has adjustable settings for humidity or pressure, make sure to adjust them according to your preferences or your healthcare provider’s recommendations.


  1. Regularly Inspect Connections:

It’s a good practice to inspect the hose and connections regularly for wear and tear. Replace any damaged parts to maintain the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy.

Remember, proper connection of the hose to your CPAP machine is essential for effective sleep apnea treatment. If you encounter any difficulties or if your new CPAP mask doesn’t seem to connect to the tubing, you can try reattaching your previous mask to the tubing and wiggling it back and forth gently until the connector comes out.

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